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Frequently asked questions

What is Toman Coin?

Toman Coin is crypto currency that provides payment facilities to serve Borderless Fiat transactions. Its focus is to hold and exchange on decentralized wallets and exchanges. Toman Coin with a network of independent dealers in countries made the safe connection of fiat money to the crypto market.

Who is creator of Toman Coin?

Toman Holding consist of 5 companies created Toman Coin
More detail about creator, is available on whitepaper and at :


Which block chains Toman Coin working on?

Toman Coin is working on TRON and Binance Smart Chain(BSC).

What is Toman Coin symbol and contract address on block chains?

-TMC is symbol of Toman Coin on TRON network with contract:


-TMCB is symbol of Toman Coin on BSC network with contract:


Where to find latest revision of Toman Coin whitepaper?


What wallets are supporting the Toman Coin?

*Tronlink Pro and >Trustwallet support TMC an Tron network.

*Metamask and Trustwallet support TMCB on Binance Smart Chain.

Which exchanges Toman Coin listed?

Toman Coin listed on decentralized platforms as follows:
TMC listed on www.Justswap.io
TMCB listed on www.Pancakeswap.finance

What Fiat currencies are in direct trade with Toman Coin?

Currently 5 fiat currencies as bellows via network of independent official dealers:
* Malaysian Ringgit, MYR
* Emirate Dirham, AED
* Indian Rupee, INR
* Iran Rial, Rial
* Turkey Lira, TRY

Who are official dealer?

Official dealers are the agents that provide liquidity of Toman Coin with local currency in each of nominated countries.
Thay have appointed by Toman Coin system with sufficient security deposit to follow rule and regulations of trading

Does user require any direct contact with official dealers for trade

No at all.
Liquidity of official dealers in nominated countries is integrated with Toman Coin system.
Therefore, all of fiat transaction will be coordinated by Toman Coin system on


Where to submit order or trade of Toman Coin by Fiat currency?

First place to trade Toman Coin with Fiat is on
www.tomantmc.com website.
In addition, below Telegram Bot is available to place order for trade the Toman Coin by fiat Currencies:

Does Toman Coin trade need user verification?

*Toman Coin trade by Cryptos no need user verification
* Toman Coin trade with Fiat currencies require user verification before placing order

What is minimum requirement of users for being verified in Toman Coin system

User shall be 18 years old or above for trade the Toman Coin with Fiat money based on user submitted personal information

Is there any restriced nationality for Toman Coin services?

Toman Coin services is worldwide covering with no limitation on user nationality

How long it takes time to verify user submission of user personal information?

Normally it takes one working day Maximum

What is main support channel for Toman Coin users?

is official support channel in English Language. WWW.t.me/crypttoman

What does Toman Coin Bridge for?

As Toman Coin is working on two different block chain with same value, Toman Coin bridge let users to pay their token on each block chain and get token on another block chain. As example user pay TMC on Tron network and get TMCB on BSC network.

How is Toman Coin Bridge fees?

The fee for using bridge is only transaction gas fee on block chains. Currently it is about 2 units of TMC or TMCB and may vary time to time.
For example, user pays 1000 TMC and get 998 TMCB on bridge platform.

How long it takes to complete a bridge transaction?

It is depending on networks traffic, but normally it will be completed within 30 min after user confirmation.

How is Toman Coin transfer fees and what token sall be use for gas fees

TMC is on Tron network and its transfer fee shall be paid by TRX or network ENERGY.
Currently transfer fee is from 3 to 7 TRX.

TMCB is on BSC network and its transfer fee shall be paid by BNB.
Currently transfer fee is good cheap and about 0.16 USDT.

How to contact with Toman Coin team for partnership?

Please send clear information and proposal by email to: